Our Company

Based in Dubai, UAE, Vardhman Realty offers superior commercial and residential property management, facility management, and commercial brokerage services to private investors, institutions, businesses, homeowner organizations, and cooperatives.

We take pride in our company's many accomplishments, and our clients appreciate the fact that Vardhman Realty is a closely held LLC owned and operated by its shareholders. We employ over 25 team members and currently work in Dubai. Vardhman Realty's integrated, team-based approach promotes effective, responsive communication, and our proactive management approach guarantees that your property's operational and financial performance is always our first focus.

Vardhman Realty is recognized for excellence in Real Estate Management firms. We have achieved the highestperformance, experience, and stability standards in our industry. As seen by the numerous designations our employees possess, we value and endeavor to create chances to grow and improve daily.


Mr. Jiten Varia founded Vardhman Realty in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Vardhman Group of companies based in Dubai, UAE. Vardhman Realty is a company built on creativity, collaboration, and exceptional customer service. Simply put, we are a leading, entrepreneurial real estate company founded on the principles of trust, respect, support, and good times. When you put it all together, you get the Vardhman Realty difference.

Vardhman Realty has remained a committed, conservative, ethical, and experienced management and sales team for generations, actively involved in the Dubai real estate market and local communities through volunteer and public service.

Vardhman Realty is committed to innovation as the first consumer lifestyle real estate brand, bringing new programs, services, support, training, and technology to its Brokers, Sales Professionals, and their home buying and selling clients. The primary goal and criteria for Vardhman Realty are to structure the development and management of a globally diverse and centrally managed real estate portfolio.

Our Core Values

  • Always put the consumer first.
  • Always work hard, work intelligently, and get the job done.
  • Infuse everything you do with a positive attitude and energy.

Vardhman Reality's recipe is straightforward. We look after our clients. We approach our work witha positive attitude and vigor. We always complete the task by working harder and more intelligently. And we have what it takes to be unstoppable!

Communication, dedication, and customer care are the basic ideals that pervade every action we engage in. We listen to our customers, work with them and offer them a complete real estate experience.We're proud of our track record of maximising the value of our customers' real estate holdings both at home and overseas.

Our Core Focus

To help realize clients' real estate dreams and expectations come true.We realize that this industry is changing so quickly that if one is not keeping up to date on his skills, on what's happening in the marketplace, or with ways one can better connect with customers or the people one is trying to serve.