Property Portfolio Management

Vardhman Realty has built extensive Estate Management capabilities based on a philosophy of providing the highest quality service and innovation to our clients.In short, Vardhman Realty's estate's managers are responsible for optimizing clients' assets, reducing costs, and maximizing income. Vardhman Realty can also take responsibility for the data management, proactive management of critical dates, acting as the principal point of contact for our clients' landlords and sub-tenants, management,and control of all liabilities within the leases of the clients.

Vardhman Realty's Estate Managers provide portfolio management services for several corporate occupiers in Dubai and UAE. These services include the legal, Corporate Real Estate functional,operational scope, and detailed portfolio reporting to support cost management initiatives.

A property portfolio's profitability can be improved by attentive management. This can be accomplished through diversifying your portfolio, raising rental income, or enhancing capital growth. Monitoring overheads, reducing rental vacancies, and refinancing strategically help improve portfolio performance.

Portfolio Development

Once an investor has a small portfolio and favorable financial position, they may raise additional funds to help expand. This enables investors to diversify and spread their investments in different areas and property classes, such as residential or commercial. As a property portfolio expands, diversification can help minimize risk. Property value fluctuations can be mitigated by diversifying the investment across various markets and locations.

Portfolio Reviews

Property portfolio reviews should be done regularly as part of portfolio management. A frequent evaluation of overheads can aid the identification of cost-cutting options. A portfolio profit and loss analysis should be made periodically. Such assessment may reveal growth opportunities and any properties that are less profitable or require a high level of maintenance regularly.

A review of the portfolio can also assist in identifying any chances for renovation or significant improvements that could add value and help it achieve a higher rental yield.