We have the expertise of making your entire mortgage process less stressful. Our Mortgage consultants will find you the right mortgage and will guide you through the entire process working closely with numerous banks. As today’s real estate industry becomes increasingly more sophisticated, the need for specialized real estate services continues to grow. Many services are required by our clients from financial institutions, Bank, Mortgage services, and legal services, and our tie-ups with some Local as well as international banks facilitate this need to get exclusive lower rates of finance for our client. We offer a wide range of real estate-related services based on our excellent knowledge of the industry and the market.

If you own a property in the UAE, we can provide you with the most convenient way to obtain a loan by mortgaging your unencumbered and owned property. It matters what you buy. It's even more important where you buy and how you manage the financial aspect of the transaction.

Informed Decisions Pay Well When Purchasing A Property.

Variable & Base Rate

It's critical to think about the variable rate when choosing a home loan. When financing your home, it's tempting to go for the lowest possible interest rate. However, it's worth noting that most advertised rates are only valid for a limited time. Following the fixed introductory period, evaluating the variable rate, which includes both the base rate and the margin, can help you make a more balanced decision. Your financial analysis and property selection should be based on a variable rate rather than the lowest fixed rate available for a limited period. This knowledge will enable you to make well-informed decisions that will ultimately benefit you.

Down Payment

A larger down payment on your home now equates to lower total payments. LTV is a financial term used by lenders to describe the ratio of a loan to the home's value. While it may be tempting to apply for the highest LTV, it is better to pay a higher down payment and choose a lower LTV. This ensures that future payments are manageable and allows you to save money for other unforeseen and unavoidable expenses. It can also assist you in obtaining a self-funded loan using rental income without putting a strain on your discretionary income. It also gives you the freedom to shop around for a better deal or pricing if another bank offers lower rates than your current mortgage.


A shorter tenor means less interest is paid overall. Don't overextend your financial commitment when purchasing a home by extending your mortgage term unnecessarily. Although you will lower your monthly payments, making you eligible for a larger loan, you will end up paying more interest in the long run, making your home more expensive to own. Get in touch with us for more candid home-buying advice.

What We Offer

Our advisors will be able to alleviate all of the stress and anxiety associated with selecting and arranging your mortgage. Furthermore, they can provide experienced guidance to assist you in deciding which option is best for you while also handling the entire process, as we understand you have a busy schedule.

They are familiar with the numerous remuneration arrangements that contractors work under regularly. As a result, you may avoid the frustration of trying to explain how you are paid to other brokers and lenders.

Who Can Benefit from Our Service

From first-time buyers climbing onto the first rung of the property ladder, to experienced buy-to-let landlords refinancing their property portfolios, our team have experience working with individuals and families with a wide range of circumstances and needs.

First-time buyers

Buying a home is likely to be one of the largest single investments an individual makes in their lifetime, and combined with high house prices and tough affordability checks, getting on to the property ladder is more difficult than ever.

We understand and support first-time buyers' needs. We can advise on how much you can borrow, how much deposit you will need, as well as the types of mortgage and protection policies available.

Existing homeowners

If you're planning on buying a new property, or remortgaging your existing home, we can help. We can advise on where you stand financially and work with you to find an appropriate mortgage deal to help you take the next step.

Whether you're looking to upsize, restructure your debt, or increase your mortgage borrowing to fund home improvements, we know what to consider and can help give you the peace of mind that you are getting the best deal.

Self-employed professionals

The number of self-employed professionals in the UK has been growing steadily in recent years, but it can still be challenging and complex to secure a mortgage if you are self-employed.

We understand the evidence of income and additional paperwork you may need to provide along with a mortgage application, and have experience working with sole traders, partners, contractors and company directors to search for the right financing

Buy-to-let landlords

Our service is not limited to your own home - we can also arrange lending on investment properties; from student lets and family homes, to high-spec apartments for corporate executives.

If you have an existing property to let, or a property portfolio to refinance, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you find the best lender for your needs and objectives.

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