Property Valuation

To account for gain or reduction in value, you must know the value of your property at various times throughout its existence. To avoid conflicts of interest, your property value estimations must be prepared independently and impartially.

To assist in making informed financial investments, it is critical to have a comprehensive and impartial estimate of the value and performance of your portfolio. Vardhman Realty and our property valuation services can help with this.

Importance of Property Revaluation

As a result of increased globalisation, social and economic developments are having a significant impact on property value and the financial risks that come with it. Shifts in socio-demographic structure affect the value of properties. Any unanticipated rise or fall in value might result in a loss of income for property owners and investors. Financial and insurance businesses may have conflicts of interest, resulting in skewed valuation estimates.

It is critical to obtain a property valuation assessment from a reputable firm. Vardhman Realty provides objective third-party property valuation services for all types of properties, from commercial and residential to industrial plants, on an international level for real estate purchase, selling, mortgage, accounting, and taxation. Based on our complete multidisciplinary experience and first-class technical know-how, we also provide appraisal for your building's internal equipment and industrial facilities.

Our Property Valuation Services

Our professionals provide unbiased and objective property valuation services, resulting in top-notch investment appraisals.Vardhman Realty can give honest, accurate appraisals of the long-term success of investments and the value of tangible assets as a qualified, neutral third-party property valuation service provider. When purchasing and selling real estate, we provide single or package assessments and professional evaluations to assist with investment decisions, determining mortgage loans and insurable value, and correct financial reporting. This includes real estate and portfolio appraisals, as well as plant and equipment evaluations and mortgage financing estimates.

Property Valuation Estimate Benefits

With accurate and timely reporting, good recommendations backed by our knowledge and interdisciplinary talents, we can reduce risk and gain certainty. The neutrality of Vardhman Realty's inspection and analysis is ensured by its independence from finance institutes and real estate agents.

Get customized service packages based on your property's prominence in its market sector, as well as regional and cross-regional trends.Transparency - our network of certified valuers will conduct a complete and objective portfolio evaluation.

Property Valuation

Vardhman Realty delivers market value appraisals, risk ratings in the property's unique market sector, and mortgage lending value determination of real estate, all in accordance with worldwide valuation standards and regulatory criteria.

Fungibility analysis,value enhancement, and risk minimization are covered by our portfolio valuation service. We appraise your portfolio utilizing cluster models based on geographic unit size, location, property type grouping, and yield comparisons.


We use a fully automated method of valuation to undertake inspections of your property. To rapidly conduct inspections and provide elaborate photographic documentation of your property. We enhance our massive in-house database with information gathered from a worldwide network of well selected and unbiased partner analysts.

Why Choose Our Property Valuation Services

Vardhman Realty has a strong reputation as an independent, impartial technical service provider Through Vardhman Realty’s involvement in the development of international directives and standards as well as industry training seminars, our experts are always up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements in an ever-changing property scene.