Important Things to Know Before Renting a Property

There's a good chance that if you're reading this blog post, you're thinking of renting a place in Dubai. Whether you're moving to a new location in Dubai or this is your first time renting in the city, this post is going to be very beneficial in many ways. 

When deciding which new apartment or villa to rent, there are a lot of things to consider. Having the right understanding may drastically enhance the end result of the whole scenario.

Here are some must-dos for all tenants when moving to a rental property.

Study the Area

It's important to make sure the neighborhood meets your expectations and values before jumping blindly into the apparent steps of renting. Is it safe where you live? Are there any schools in the area? What bus routes are on hand? Are there any hospitals nearby? What kind of local amenities are there?

Examine the Space Carefully

When performing your initial inspection, look very closely and pay close attention. Make a list of everything that functions well and poorly, and after the assessment is complete, make sure to bring it all up with the landlord. When examining the property, take note of any flaws you find, and make a copy for your landlord as well. If you would like more proof, you can snap photos.

Maintenance and Added responsibilities

Make sure you have a conversation about who will pay for repairs and maintenance of the house before signing a lease. Sometimes the landlord pays the repair costs, and other times you are the one who has to bear them. Whatever it is, reach a consensus with each other. Always be vigilant to take care of routine maintenance. Don't hesitate to notify your landlord as soon as you notice damage to anything.

Air conditioning system

Examine the HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) with the landlord when you are viewing a rental property. This is especially crucial if the rental property is situated in an area with harsh weather, such as intense heat or cold.

signs of infestation

Tenants never want to move into a fresh place to live only to discover that it's rife with bedbugs, house flies, fleas, rats, mice, or other pests. Thus, it's crucial to keep an eye out for any indications of pests when visiting or strolling through a rental property as a prospective tenant.

Evaluate the documentation.

Tenancy agreements operate just like other contracts in that they are meant to be mutually beneficial, even though no one likes to think about things going wrong. A signed agreement not only certifies your payment of rent on time and your maintenance of the property, but it also specifies the obligations and restrictions of your landlord. Make sure you understand what happens if something breaks, if repairs are necessary, and whether the property is inspected on a regular basis by carefully reading the contract. 

Deciding on a place to live for oneself is an arduous task that often calls for a plethora of considerations. But if you narrow down your search and bear the above points in mind, it will be simpler. From Vardhman Realty, we hope your house search goes well!

Date: 2023-11-06